A Detailed Insight on How to Develop Shopping Apps

A Detailed Insight on How to Develop Shopping Apps

Date:Thu, 16/Jun/2022

Do you know that most individuals now prefer doing shopping via the mobile app? Currently, there are over 263 million online shoppers. By 2025, this will increase to 291 million. So, without any question, ecommerce will boom. Arguably, you're one of those billions of e-commerce users; as a result, you must equally be familiar with many platforms that provide the products and services online to the customers.

Before joining the mobile app development course in Dogachia, you must be familiar with the platforms you'll be working with. Moreover, at V1 Academy, we help you conceptualize the functioning of mobile apps from scratch.

Here are some essential shopping apps and their development process.


Amazon is currently the biggest online shopping app. As of 2019, the consumer baseline exceeds 150.6 million. The platform provides products from a vast range, including electronics, accessories, fashion, sports and more. The critical feature here include,

  • Easy refund and replacement process
  • Smooth checkout


Walmart's shopping and grocery app has a monthly user base of 120 million. The online shopping app offers customers a wide range of shopping options. Some of the key features include

  • Easy to use UI
  • All in one place


Flipkart holds around 39.5% of the market share in the Indian e-commerce industry. There are over 150 million products available on this platform. The key features include,

  • Easy return and replacement process
  • User-friendliness

The rise in market demand

Now, you must have understood how demanding app development is. Joining the best mobile app development course in Dogachia will improve your skill-set. Besides, only shopping apps solve the problem by providing the preferred product to customers. All thanks to the team of developers who have significantly changed the consumer's purchasing behaviour.

User flow of online shopping apps

You must also keep in mind that a mobile shopping app is not all about checking in the app and making the consumer go for a purchase. Besides, the mobile app development course in Dogachia equally emphasizes several activities between logging in and placing the order.

When the consumer enters the interface, they'll experience a smooth user experience. In most scenarios, the customer simply moves to the cart section, favourite items or checks the current availability of products before going for a purchase.

The complete steps of making the order are mainly accessing the order screen, checking out, and tracking the order. This is the essential part of the app development process; as a result, the smoother the process, the better the functionality.

Tech stack for app development

Tech steps are a set of techniques used to develop a particular app. It relates to the platform choice to run the application. The aim here is to target the majority of the consumer base; therefore, it's all about the support of the tech stack on different platforms, i.e., android and iOS. The options here include

  • Native mobile app development
  • Cross-platform app development


At V1 Technologies, we can help you proceed with the mobile app development course. Our experts offer the best guidance. In fact, on successful completion of the course, we provide job placement in one of our organizations. So are you ready for it?