Detailed Insight on Android App Development Course

Detailed Insight on Android App Development Course in Bongoan

Date:Thu, 05/May/2022

The arrival of smartphones has increased their use dramatically. Interestingly, smartphones have transformed the way we run our business. As per recent data, 85% of smartphones operate on the Android operating system. As a result, there has been a significant demand for android mobile app developers in recent times. Everything is on your fingertip, from ordering food, finding jobs, and hiring a cab to booking your favourite show.

Our mobile app development course in Bongoan helps you learn the mobile app development framework. This allows you to build multiple Android apps by yourself.

So, this time we've come up with how the android mobile app development course can help you build a successful career.

Android app development

Basically, android app development is the process where you can create an android-based application for your clients. As a developer, your basic toolkit includes expertise in android application development using Java and C++.

Android apps can be developed in different programming languages. This totally depends on your skillset in different programming languages and the strengths and weaknesses of each programming language.

A Step-by-step guide for android app development

Every app comes with different functionality and requirements. Our mobile app development course in Bongoancomprehensively focuses on designing, developing, and post-deployment the app.

App ideation

For a great app, you need to have an innovative yet simple idea. A developer must ensure that the concept, the resources and the problem-solving ability must be clear enough before you initiate the process. Our experts here at V1 Academy help you understand ways to evaluate the android app.

You must give sufficient consideration to the recent trends and the demand of users. Remember, a unique idea will always keep you ahead.

App development strategy

After you finalize the idea of the Android app development, you must now focus on the mobile app strategy. You need to create a plan, a kind of blueprint. We guide you to look over the competitors. Inspect the number of downloads they have gathered.

Understanding the history of your competitor is one of the most significant ways to implement your development strategy.


The wireframe is the blueprint of the android app development process. It provides an idea about the design and functionality. With the wireframing process, you can organize the app from end to end. This also comprises app features and tools options that might be required for integration into the app, specifications and feasibility of the Android app.


Design must look attractive. Don't expect great hits on your application if the UI/UX isn't catchy enough to grab your eyes. Your user would always judge the application's consistency on the overall design. Design is a significant stage when undergoing an app development course in Bongoan.


Development is where the developer will focus on the UI feature of the app. There are numerous techniques positioned simultaneously to code the usability of the Android app. Our course will guide you through implementing the strategies through efficient code and adding the functionality as per the user requirements and business model.


When the designing and development part is done, it's time to test the application. Here, you'll learn to evaluate the flaws or bugs. You'll equally learn to better the app development process.


Deployment is the final round. This process involves the submission of screenshots of layouts that provides the users with an exact idea regarding the functionality and user interface. Once completed, the application's APK file gets submitted for approval.


App development courses are popularising amongst IT enthusiasts. Join V1 Academy today and start learning app development from scratch.