Graphic design is a unique skill that combines creative, technical and business knowledge sets. However, you must know that it's a broad profession and covers many niches. V1 Academy is an individual institution offering a wide range of specialization. We offer premium skill development with our graphic design course. Our professional instructors help you excel in graphic designing dynamics.

The graphic designing course is developed as per the latest technology. Moreover, we follow the newest module, giving our students a competitive edge over others. Remember, as your career grows, the latest course module helps with a commercial, cultural, political and educational purpose.

As a professional graphic designer, you'll create logos, branding for corporations, editorial design for magazines, newspapers and books, advertising, web design packaging and signage. Having said that, you must understand that the graphic design course is the base. As you upskill, you'll explore more excellent business dimensions.

Graphic Design Courses

Is a formal degree essential?

Absolutely not; you need not hold any degree when it comes to graphic designing. Moreover, you need to have basic computer knowledge. These days, more businesses seek and find creative talent. They're looking to hire designers who are competent to design aesthetic, professional, consistent work regardless of formal training. At V1 Academy, our training starts from Flash, Animation in 2D and further rising higher as per the student's ability. Moreover, the course duration is of 12 months, where we teach you to excel in the field of graphic designing.

Graphic Design Courses
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Handle live projects

Learners can work on live projects once they have gained skills. Basically, working on these projects gives you a clear idea of how the designing principle works. Moreover, this helps you to explore your area of specialization. However, if the specialization includes a separate hands-on project, our instructors help you gain experience as you work on the project. Also, on successfully completing the graphic design course from V1 Academy, learners will be awarded a global certification.

Career development

People working in various sectors as graphic designers have undertaken the following responsibilities. This includes

  • Art directors
  • Desktop publishers
  • Drafters
  • Industrial designers
  • Multimedia designers
  • Web developer
Graphic Design Courses

Graphic designing is a popular career, and more individuals are now enhancing their skills. However, you must equally understand that graphic design is a competitive field to enter. Completing a graphic design coursehelps you understand how things work. When you learn under the supervision of the experts, you get to gain valuable industry experience.

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