Why Pursue a Graphic Design Course in Bongaon for

Why Pursue a Graphic Design Course in Bongaon for a Successful Career?

Date:Thu, 10/Mar/2022

The role of a graphic designer is diverse. From working on websites to the advertisements you see, from games you play to the packaging & logos of the products, graphic design is essential. Indeed an eye for design can't necessarily be taught; graphic designers are talented individuals who upscale their skill from the base level. Our graphic design course in Bongaonaims to streamline your talent towards a professional front. We're a leading graphic design institute with the best faculty team members.

In this blog, we'll let you know how pursuing a career in design work can help you land a six-figure salary.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers are artists. They work on print and electronic media, i.e., magazines, television graphics, logos and websites. A skilled designer is able to visualize concepts and communicate ideas that inform and inspire consumers. The graphic designing team needs to develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports.

Course module

The graphic design course in Bongaoncovers a broad topic. However, at V1 Academy, we start from the basics. Motion graphics, animation design theory, project management and portfolio development are the main learning objectives. On the higher end, learners may go for graphic design courses on advanced typography, digital design, web design, and interactive design and research methods for graphic design.

Roles and responsibilities

A career in graphic design offers a broad scope of opportunities in various sectors. Some of the leading responsibilities a designer must fulfil include

  • Meet clients and determine project scopes
  • Advise clients on strategies and target the types of customers
  • Work on projects that identifies a product or send a message
  • Develop illustrations, websites and logo
  • Select the layout, text, images and colour for the design
  • Presentation of the design to the clients
  • Thorough checking of the design work

A career in design helps you expand your options. Our graphic design course in Bongaon helps you develop options for a diverse creative career choice.

Job opportunities

Learning graphic design courses opens a lot of opportunities. You'll be working with professionals from different sectors. Here are some dynamics that you can go for once you complete the course.

Graphic designer

You'll need to work on product illustrations, company logos, websites and more. The job title covers a vast range of duties for different sectors.

● Creative director

Creative directors work on the creative vision of a project. They ensure that the overall aesthetic and cohesive look stays on track. Here, the job includes managing skills, leadership, and often budgeting with comprehensive-time management abilities.

● User experience (UX) designer

Here, designers work to make products, processes and services seamless. It's about how the product feels and how users will use it. UX designers need to run user tests, refining any bumps or confusion in the process. UX designing is an excellent option for tech-savvy designers.

● User interface (UI) designer

Often considered the subset of UX design, it focuses on how the product is laid out. Designing is on each screen and page, ensuring that the layout visually works with the overall path a UX designer has charted.


The career span in graphic design is versatile. Our graphic design course in Bonga helps build a foundation. Now you can apply it to any creative projects or platforms using media or technology.