Why Choose an Institution That Offers Web Design C

Why Choose an Institution That Offers Web Design Course in Dogachia with Placement

Date:Thu, 19/Nov/2020

Website design and development is one of the most demanding course available in the market. With the world, dynamically shifting towards digitalization, if you have the potential to create an exclusive platform, this field will open up a great opportunity. In fact, India being the world's IT capital, there is much more than you can think.

Meanwhile, we can undoubtedly state that Kolkata has some of the finest web design institutions; however, most of the students make a mistake in selecting the right one. Also, as you stick with this article, we will stress on why exactly you need to go for a web design course with placement.

Employment Prospect

The foremost thing that a learner needs to search when joining an institution is the placement features. You will mostly come across an institution that provides no employment guarantee. As a budding developer, you will find it hard to get a job or even if you do so, you may be subject to poor work pay. 

It is your foremost responsibility to join a web design course with placement facilities. Once you enter it, you get a professional degree along with operational work experience.


Website design and development is not a child’s play. Here you will be building portfolios for businesses across the globe. Therefore, training matters to a great extent. Remember, theoretical training is a compulsion, but practicality will take you ahead. Make sure that your trainers are well qualified. At V1 Academy, we've got market experts as trainers and help students transform themselves.

Live Project Training

Live project training would be of great advantage to gain work experience. Working on live projects teach you to tackle challenges that developers needs typically to face. At V1 Academy, we are a sister organization of V1 Technologies which is based in the UK and the USA.

Once a learner is up to the level, our trainers assign varieties of the project as per your knowledge. High-quality training with creative mindset can get you the best results.

What You Will Learn

Website design and development cover a broad area. However, at V1 Academy, once you successfully complete the course, you will be able to

Apply HTML5 & CSS3 to develop dynamic and interactive web pages

Use Jquery to build on interactivity

Design and develop mobile websites

Develop a progressive web user interface

What Are the Career Opportunities?

As mentioned earlier, there is a significant amount of requirement of website developers in the market. Once you excel the course, you can further explore the career as a 

Web designer

Web developer

Layout planner

Design tester

UI developer

UI designer


We offer a certificate of excellence once a student completes his/her course. The certificate is valid across the globe and will help you land a job in any IT company. Besides, our certification clearly states about your overall performance which is itself unique. 


Join our website development course and explore the career as a website developer. Good luck!