What Exactly Does Graphic Design Courses Cover

What Exactly Does Graphic Design Courses in Chandpara Cover

Date:Thu, 29/Oct/2020

Graphic design is a growing career in current times. With the world moving towards complete digitalization, graphic design has a huge significance in the market. It is a process of creating visual content that communicates information to the audience. Graphic designers are experts and use their skills in developing contents. 

As a designer, you will be developing various ranges of contents such as creating logos, editorial designs for newspapers, magazines, books, advertising, and more. Graphic designers are not restricted to design and development. They are also engaged in programming and website development.

Here are the types of portfolio graphic designers hold 

Visual identity graphic design

User interface graphic design

Marketing & advertising graphic design

V1 Academy offers the latest course on graphic design. We use the latest technology to help students sharpen their skills. 

 Skills Required for Graphic Design

Graphic design is a skill-oriented course. Once you join the course, you will utilize the below-mentioned skillset


Knowledge of software

Knowledge of programming language

Knowledge of Typography

Knowledge of colour theory

Skills in visual design

Good Communication

Responsibilities Of A Graphic Designer

A graphic designer needs to utilize his/her creativity in order to develop stunning quality work. As a designer, you will need to combine the art of communication along with technology and further bring customer interaction in it. Likewise, you will need to use a variety of elements and designs to make your work look more artistic. A typical day in graphic designer's life include

 Meeting with clients and understanding the project

Run digital illustration including designing, editing structuring

Develop appealing visual elements such as logos, images, illustrations

Present the overall concept to the client

Bring changes as recommended by clients for the final layout


Constant reviews and re-design before final publishing



A bachelors degree in graphic design or any related field helps you get decent-paying employment. Independent institutes like V1 Academy run graphic design courses for learners from all background. The program includes the basics of design and its uses. Likewise, it includes studio art, the principle of designs, computerized designs, commercial graphics production, printing and website designs.

When you join V1 Academy, we start with the basics of designing using various platforms. Once you learn the basics, our instructors guide you about the platform of Flash, Animation in 2D along with other areas of graphic designing. V1 Academy felicitates students once they successfully complete their course on graphic design.

Careers for Graphic Designers

There is a significant requirement of skilled graphic designers in the market. Once you arm yourself with graphic design knowledge, you can use your skills in the following sectors

Web Development


Website developer design and create websites. You will be responsible for designing and developing flawless websites for your customers.


Multimedia Animators


The work of an animator is to give visual effects for television, movies, video games and more. Here, a designer can utilize the skills to develop outstanding content

Art Directors

Art directors are responsible for developing visual effects in various media house including newspaper, magazines, product packaging and more.

Apart from that, many other sectors need professional graphic designers in offering service. While the graphic design course covers a huge topic, makes sure you select the right designing institution.