What Exactly Does App Development Course Cover

What Exactly Does App Development Course in Chandpara Cover

Date:Thu, 22/Oct/2020

Mobile applications have changed the way we run our daily life. It has brought easy access to information. Likewise, businesses, consumers and developers have readily utilized the system making mobile app one of the demanding prospects in the current phase. Mobile app developers need to write programs as per the platform they work. Basically, two of the common application include



Businesses typically need to develop each application for both of the platforms. Further, it helps companies have wider market penetration. Now you must have understood what exact roles and responsibilities a mobile app development course offers.

Skills and Responsibilities

As a mobile app developer, here are some demands that you need to fulfil for your customers

Developers need to be fluent in object-oriented programming languages like C and C++ 

You will need to develop code, run test, debug, monitor and document changes 

You need to sharpen skills for cross-platform development tools like Xamarin, Flutter and more

You must be able to implement APIs for smooth mobile functionality

You will be required to develop a web-based application to mobile platforms

Mobile Application Development Education Requirement

Most of the industries hire developers who have at least a bachelors degree. However, it also depends on how much knowledge a developer knows about the field. If you have created an application, it opens a great opportunity. On the other side, certification from a recognized institution can definitely help you land a job.  

Skills that most of the institution look for include iOS application development (iPad & iPhone), Android application development, Java programming, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, user interface design (UI), design and fundamentals of OS.

What V1 Academy Offers?

Our curriculum has been developed by professionals who are actively working in the market. The app development course covers a broad topic for a strong and knowledgable background. Further, we have divided the course as


Students learn and practice the core fundamentals of Java, its creation, manipulation. It includes writing codes that create data with Android system.


Here we focus on the introduction of Android, its fundamental components. It also covers all the applications needed to run android apps.

Blocks, User Interface and Controls

Here we emphasize on designs, layout, themes, list and buttons. We also teach learners to explore the services offered by Android Studio.

SQL Database

SQL has a huge significance in the app development procedure. Students need to have a clear idea of working in DB using a cursor.

Content and Services

Content management is the key to business growth. Here you will learn to use Android's Built-in Providers and architecture to access a central repository of data.

Maps and Location-Based Services

Location-based services are the topmost priority for companies running mobile app service. You will learn to integrate it into the Android applications.


It should always be your first priority to join an institution that offers the best education. V1 Academy is very clear about our learning procedure. We have some of the best professionals as a faculty member, and we ensure our learners get to experience the latest and updated knowledge.