What Are the Career Opportunities after Learning D

What Are the Career Opportunities after Learning Digital Marketing Course in Kalopur

Date:Mon, 16/Mar/2020

You’ve probably heard about the hype that digital marketing has created. Whether you're an expert or novice, anyone can move to this stream. What is more interesting is the benefits that this sector offers, i.e., increased pay, broad career choice and a bigger budget. A digital marketing course makes you look beyond your thinking. Before that, get a decent idea of what digital marketing has for you.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing; all that you need to do is to bring customer engagement to your product. It is the versatile nature that gathers the customers. The growth of technology will ultimately evolve digital marketing as the backbone of any business house.

Researches have shown that the digital economy has skyrocketed ten times faster than traditional marketing firms; therefore, online trading is likely to generate a large number of jobs for the coming generation. Considering all the facts, taking a digital marketing course will guarantee you a prosperous career. However, some of the significant areas for digital marketing projects include

Digital Marketing Manager

There is a huge demand for digital marketing managers as the companies hunt for experts. A digital marketing manager has to develop smooth and strategic plans to bring the growth of the company. A digital marketing manager leads the team, thus reporting the business directly to the CEO. The salary ranges from 15 to 20 lacs per annum depending upon the experience. A DMM holds a senior-level managing position.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites have no prominence if there is no promotion. An SEO manager deals in managing the visibility of sites in the search engine page. These experts are responsible for gathering traffic on the site. Thus, there is an immense opportunity for an SEO Manager.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

An SEO executive works from the ground level of a website. The responsibility in this arena includes keyword research, getting pages indexed, using various SEO tools, e.g. Meanwhile, an SEO executive is an individual contributor who works under an SEO manager.

Social Media Marketer

Responsibility of an SMM includes gathering web traffic via social media. The main aim is to persuade customers through various marketing techniques. Meanwhile, social media tops the list of marketing activities. By learning the digital marketing course, an SMM makes a salary of over three lacs per year.

Inbound Marketing Manager

After having expertise in this field, candidates can go for the position of an inbound marketing manager.  He/she shall be responsible for looking after sales, marketing, advertisement etc. It is the responsibility of the manger to form strategies and bring customer inflow to the business.


Now that, you've had a brief idea of how digital marketing works and what are the responsibilities that a digital marketer needs to handle. Take a step forward and start your digital marketing course at the earliest. Remember that this area is full of opportunity. To know more, speak to our customer executive officer at V1 Academy