Web Designing Course in Kolkata

Web Designing Course in Kolkata

Date:Wed, 19/Apr/2023

It need not be tough to pursue a career as a web designer. We've put up a tutorial that covers all you need to know to get started if you want to learn the essentials. It can be challenging to know where to start with web design because there are so many different aspects to consider. We've compiled a plethora of excellent material to assist you get started on your path to becoming a web designer.

What exactly is a web design and what factors make it effective?

Understanding what web design is in detail is the first step in learning how to create websites. A learner's creative and analytical minds are both used in web design. Our web designing course in Kolkata is a combination of science and art.

The conception is translated into graphics by web designers. Images, typography, colours, text, negative space, and structure provide not just a user experience but also a channel for ideas to be communicated. The ability to create websites that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing requires skill and knowledge.

A smart web designer is aware of the importance of every element in a design. They make decisions at the granular level, styling each part, but they never lose sight of how the components will work together and fulfil the design's larger objectives.

The back-end powers web design

As you learn to create websites with our web designing course in Kolkata, you'll run into the back end and front end. Since most newcomers confuse them, it's critical to understand their distinctions.

Everything that takes on behind the scenes to show a website is known as the back end. Servers house websites. When a user asks to reach a certain area of a website, the server receives this request and then sends the necessary HTML and other code to ensure that the requested page shows properly in the user's browser. The data that a website needs to operate is stored on servers.

The front end of a website is what users see

The front end is referred to as the client side, and the back end is the server side. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other code come together on the front end to show a website.

As you move higher, our web designing course in Kolkata will help you learn web development in a more specialised area. Working with frameworks like React or Bootstrap or diving further into JavaScript or jQuery are both possibilities. These are more complicated regions, so you shouldn't worry about them too much at first.

Even if the finest online designs appear to be executed with ease, they are all founded on the fundamentals of visual design. Although a small percentage of web designers are born with a natural eye for aesthetics, for most of us, this is a skill that we must develop on our own. Web development will be simpler to learn for those who can distinguish between excellent and terrible design. Recognise the principles of visual design. Understand the principles of composition and how forms, space, colour, and geometry work together.


Whether you're an expert or just getting started, V1 Academy offers a simple, visual platform to help you unleash your creativity. Our web designing course in Kolkata offers a simple approach to starting websites and a large community of people that can provide you with assistance and help you advance your abilities.