Some Common Stereotypes When It Comes to Graphic D

Some Common Stereotypes When It Comes to Graphic Design Courses Gaighata

Date:Tue, 04/Feb/2020

It is not a secret that some stereotype surrounds every occupation. Similar is it when it comes to graphic designing. None of the jobs in the sphere of technology can avoid such kinds of stuff. If you have ever encountered one of these experiences share it with your friends and families and let them clear their mind. Well, as you stick with us, we are going to open some common stereotypes that learners get to experience when joining graphic design courses. And, there is nothing to frown as people have less idea. Only sharing them the knowledge can help them understand how significant the course is.

So, let us not waste any time further and understand what the common cliché you might face.

1)      Anyone Can Be A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is not only about designing and colouring. It is more than that, perhaps being a designer needs complete dedication, and most of the designers tend to spend years crafting their skills. Learners always need to face deadline regarding their works where he/she is surrounded bybroad categories, including typography, logos, colours and messages. If you are ready to dedicate your life in achieving excellence, this course is definitely for you.

2)      Graphic Design Is Computer Based

The computer is the tool of the trade, but by no means the work is solely based on computer. Moreover, a designer starts working on the computer only after designing a fully developed plan. In fact, every project needs to be formulated from the base, which is generally run on paper. Further, a designer keeps on researching ideas in order to arrive at the right stage. Meanwhile, computers are just a mode to present their


3)      GraphicDesigners Can Read Minds

When a learner joins graphic design courses, the person is taught to start work form the basics. There is two-way communication between the designer and the client. In order to understand the exact pattern, one needs to have a detailed insight into what exactly the client is seeking. Occasionally some may not be responsive and can experience the process of extracting teeth using a spoon. Moreover, as a learner, keep that in your mind about extracting as much information as possible.

4)      Designing Is an Hour’s Work

Expecting a custom design in an hour is not realistic. Creating a website, logo or any other design-related work needs a significant amount of dedication. In fact, such projects involve the formulation of brief, research in the topic, implementation of ideas and periodic design tweaks based on the feedback. This process can be completed within less than an hour only with a time machine.

5)      Graphic Designing Courses Need No Education

A person with no formal education won't be able to hold the grasp as compared to the one with a strong background. A designer is taught about a specific set of rules that guides him/her to utilize his/her skills. Only if the designer understands all the teachings, he/she will be able to use it professionally. Hiring someone with no experience is basically like employing an unskilled person to communicate the business.