Mobile App Development Course Details 2020: Eligib

Mobile App Development Course in Gobardanga Details 2020: Eligibility, Types, Job

Date:Thu, 17/Sep/2020

If you are one of those aspiring candidates planning to secure your career as a mobile app developer, you are on the right page. However, we need to ask a few questions before we move ahead. Do you want to create cool mobile apps? Are you ready to give yourself a hundred percent once you enroll in the course? If the answer is yes. Don't think anything else and just go for the course. Now, let us see what exactly will you need to learn, and what does the course actually cover?

Those candidates who are passionate about technology will benefit a lot as you read this piece of article. However, the domain as a developer is wide, and there are many opportunities to explore once you start learning the mobile app development course.

Mobile Application Development Course

The growing numbers of smartphone users have allowed companies to invest in app development efficiently. Perhaps, smartphones play a key role in today's times. From watching videos to playing games, the smartphone has definitely changed the way we live. However, mobile apps also fall into different categories of OS (the operating system that runs the software). These are

·         Android

·         iOS

·         Windows

·         Each of the above systems has its significance as well as technical aspects. So, when you develop an application, you need to know to run the application. Apps are software, and you need to programming/coding language. Perhaps, language is an integral part of mobile app development course. As a beginner, you need to hone up programming skills. In addition to that, there are other aspects such as

·         UI (User Interface) design

·         Adaptive design

·         App design functionality

·         App safety and security

Types of App Development Course

Informal Mobile App Development

Informal mobile app development is a significant part when learining the course. It requires knowledge of coding so that you will be able to design and develop the application. Basically, it deals with UI design and app development. Likewise, there is no requirement or eligibility for enrolling on the course. With a basic level PC, you can start to learn the course.

Certificate Level Course for App Development

Once you successfully complete the course, you are handed with a certificate. Here you will be classified as a developer based on the OS that you have excelled in. Now, you may opt for iOS, Android or Windows. There are no particular criteria required to join the course.


As we have already mentioned earlier, this is the era of technology. The market requires skilled mobile app developers. In fact, several companies are outsourcing mobile app developer. As a result, developers not only land a job but also get quality experience in working with global customers. On the other hand, the pay scale increases as you start gaining experience. The market is growing exponentially, and experienced developers have a key role to play. At V1 Academy, we help learners excel their skill from the basics.