Here's How You Kick-start Your Journey as An Andro

Here's How You Kick-start Your Journey as An Android App Developer

Date:Tue, 04/Oct/2022

Online business is becoming more result-oriented. Experts have a higher value and are more demanding. You must continuously improve your knowledge in such a situation. The most widely used mobile operating system in the world is Android. A considerable number of applications get published daily in the Google Play Store by Android developers worldwide. As a result, we aim to focus on Android app development as a part of the mobile app development course, Modolpara.

You'll have an abundance of questions as a beginner. However, we will focus on each section thoroughly. We'll describe each of the specifications in this blog. Keep in mind that an app developer has a variety of duties, the main ones being designing the app and creating its functionality.

Technical knowledge


The experts will guide you in the programming languages, i.e., Kotlin or Java, when you enrol in the mobile app development course Mondolpara. In addition, you should become an expert on ideas like variables, apps, and lists, as well as Object-Oriented Fundamentals.

SDK kit concepts

Android developers need to be familiar with the SDK Kit, also known as the Android Developer Kit.

  • Views, view groups, and layout
  • User input
  • Storing data
  • Action bars
  • Design flexibility
  • Data gathering

SQL knowledge

Apps must, in one way or another, save data. For easy management, the app must be combined with a database. Therefore, it is clear that employers are searching for qualified Android developers with SQL expertise. This increases your likelihood of being hired.


Working understanding of GIT is a part of our mobile app development course, Mondolpara. Although expertise is not required, a developer must understand the creation, use, and submission of repositories. This is useful when working on the Android app development process.

XML Basics

As a developer, you must be proficient with XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is applied to the creation of web solutions. The ability to obtain online data and then move it to web services or vice versa is a crucial tool for every Android developer.

A promising career

Android has significantly impacted our daily lives. Today, a smartphone is a common possession. There are many options available for developers, thus, enrolling in the mobile app development course Mondolpara is your best long-term option.

The industry is expanding quickly. The anticipated increase in this area is extraordinary. Therefore, enrolling in a program that provides knowledgeable direction is the best option.

Join V1 Academy

We are a team of specialists. We're here to help you get more technical. Also, we cover the most recent topics in our mobile app development course. However, we initiate the course from the beginning so that you can fully use your learning abilities. In addition, we provide global accreditation with successful course completion.


In order to succeed in today's technically savvy environment, you need to have the right understanding. We have a group of committed professionals that can assist you in exploring employment options. So, enrol in our course right away to launch your career.