4 Facts You Never Knew About Digital Marketing Ins

4 Facts You Never Knew About Digital Marketing Institute in Gobardanga

Date:Thu, 02/Jul/2020

The advancement of digital trends has made life much more simple. One should equally know that over 40% of jobs will be taken in the upcoming future. With companies planning to cut labour cost with the use of technology, swift digital skills may keep you ahead in the coming times. You must also know that the 2009 recession had a severe effect on almost all sectors. However, digital marketing was something that the recession could not hamper.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has deeply affected the business sectors creating job loss and rise in unemployment. Still, the digital marketing sector had very lesser effects. Meanwhile, business hubs have understood the importance of marketing products through digital mediums. Therefore, more and more companies are now strategically inclining towards digital trends. Having said that, many jobs are being created in this sector. At V1 Academy, we offer the latest digital marketing course at our institution. Yet, you should know eye-opening facts about digital marketing institute in Kolkata.


As we have already briefed you that digital marketing is the modern method of marketing. It is similar to the traditional form but done electronically. The sole target of any learner is to enhance business growth. Most of the time learners need to be working with the client's websites. On the other side, you will also be handling the social media of the customers. The courses here include,

·         Search Engine Optimization

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Mobile Marketing

·         Affiliate Marketing


Most of the learners have very few ideas when choosing the right digital marketing institute. In fact, you should also know that there is a change in technology every second and new trends are very much common these days. Moreover, running with trends help you increase your website value. Now, you must be thinking about the significance of professional faculty members in the midst of marketing! Well, at V1 Academy, all our faculty members are trained professionals working under our sister organization. Therefore, we help you mend your path to excellence.


Training is the key to professionalism. Therefore, once you join our institution, we start your training with our live projects. Apart from the course, you will be equally taught to run projects. This will sharpen your skill and enhance your understanding of the digital market. Here, as a part of your training schedule, you get to brand services of global customers too.

Employment Guarantee

Unemployment is on the rise but what is more shocking is the way learners are left unemployed even after successful completion of their courses. At V1 Academy, we offer job guarantee once you successfully complete the course from our institution. Meanwhile, each student who clears the course is awarded a global certificate of recognition.