Essential Information to Collect Before Going for

Essential Information to Collect Before Going for App Development Course in Maslandpur

Date:Thu, 16/Apr/2020

The world is running on technology, thousands of mobile devices are sold across the world. Moreover, IT companies are using various applications to promote services directly to customers. Now, the real game starts here when applications are used to sell the service. Even local stores are exploring the possibility to develop their business expansion using the digital world. Therefore, you must have understood how important is app development course in the running phase.

On the other hand, app development course is not rocket science to learn. This course uses a few coding languages and tools to design mobile applications. However, with the wide availability of study materials, one may even learn it online but, most of the online learners have experienced less professionalism and lack of real-time guidance along with no scope of working on professional clients. Whereas with V1 Academy, we start from the base and once a candidate is good with coding, we offer live projects to increase the independence. Likewise, our professionals have pointed out a few of the areas.

What Does the Course Include?

Once you enrol with the V1 Academy, our instructors will start from the preliminary stage where candidates will be taught about the programming languages. Once you pick up the language we further go higher about the usage of Eclipse where learners will apply to use Andriod studio and its function to develop the android mobile app.

As the app development course is a huge platform, you should also learn the basics of CSS and HTML5. Meanwhile, our instructors will further guide you on Phonegap, Cardova, Xcode. These are the applications used to design apps for the iOS system. Apart from that, there are other applications that you shall be learning once you join our institute.

Meanwhile, V1 Academy conducts various skill developmentseminars for learners so that they can pace up with the market trend. The real-time projects management further sharpens your skill on the long-run. We are one of the few institutions that offer such a platform.

Employment Opportunity

App development course itself offers a demanding job. This skill allows you to either work for a corporate sector or freelance according to your comfort. Likewise, you can use your skills to explore various opportunity only after you gather some market experience. Most of the developers go for corporate service where the pay is beyond expectation. Likewise, once you gain a surmountable experience, you can further go for your start-up. This is a golden sector where employment never dries up. All that you need to do is apply your skills wisely.

About Us

V1 Academy is a leading app development company based in Kolkata. We have been delivering quality education for students from all the walks of life. This has been possible due to our faculty members who are professionals with years of experience in IT. Apart from we are a sister branch of our tech development company V1 Technologies based in the UK.