Complete Guide to iOS Mobile App Development in Mo

Complete Guide to iOS Mobile App Development in Mondalpara

Date:Thu, 28/Apr/2022

You must know that more companies are now taking the mobile-first approach. iOS apps are in high demand, and significant numbers of developers are now building apps for Apple devices. Unfortunately, there's still a shortage of mobile app developers in the market. Developers who have the necessary programming languages and other skills help create apps that companies, enterprises, process industries, or even consumers can use regularly.

However, to better help those interested in the field, our mobile app development course in Mondolpara has come up with the latest module. At V1 Academy, we're a leading institution helping learners explore their skills. Our mobile app development certification helps aspirants take their first step towards a lucrative career as an iOS app developer.

iOS app development language

iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc., It's a part of a bigger ecosystem of the operating system. It's basically designed for iPhone and iPad hardware. Technically speaking, Apple focuses on building, testing, and developing apps under the iOS platform. Here, programming languages like Objective C or Swift are used to create iOS apps.

Apple iOS is the second-largest mobile operating platform. Moreover, iOS users spend twice as much on in-app design buying compared to Android users.

Popular mobile app databases

You'll be learning about some of the popular databases when joining the mobile app development course in Mondolpara. Here are some key specifications,


An open-source, multi-threaded, and easy-to-use SQL database, i.e., one of the oldest database options around.

● MongoDB

A schemaless, JSON document database known for its flexibility and scalability

● MariaDB

It's an open-source relational database developed by the original developers of MYSQL.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of an iOS app developer is to build a native iOS application. You'll be learning Apple's proprietary IDE XCode and leveraging the power of programming languages like Swift and Objective C.

You must keep in mind that its predecessor Objective-C is on its way out. But it still maintains the legacy systems both within Apple's codebases and other companies who re-write their applications using Swift.

Today's iOS app developer must have sound knowledge of Swift and an overall understanding of Apple's iOS framework. When you profess the course, you'll be considered a full-stack developer, working on both the front-end and back-end of a mobile application.

Besides, as a developer, there's hardly anything you'll do beyond Apple's technology ecosystem. But, remember, Apple does not support cloud databases; as a result, a developer must have sound knowledge in one or more fragments, i.e., Google's Firebase.

The core areas our mobile app development courses focus on include;

  • Design and build advanced apps for mobile devices that use Apple's iOS platform
  • Collaborate with the cross-functional team to design and ship new features
  • Unit-testing code for security, i.e., edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Identification of issues and bugs
  • Publish app on App Store


The iOS app development course is popularising due to the rise in Apple users. At V1 Academy, we help you explore your career opportunities. Get certified with a mobile app development course in Mondolpara to kickstart your career.